Research Behind Summer Bridge Activities®

Keep the learning going while engaging the whole family with Summer Bridge Activities’ Family Engagement Program. Our standards-based, research-supported learning recovery plan and summer learning workbooks utilizes 5 key research domains to better support your students’ summer learning retention in just 15 minutes a day.

Download our white paper to learn more about each of the key research domains we incorporate into our program, including:

  • Family engagement
  • Social and emotional learning (SEL)
  • Activation of prior knowledge
  • Spaced practice
  • Hands-on and real-world applications
Two children working on Summer Bridge Activities’ Family Engagement Program workbooks

Summer Bridge leverages 5 key research domains that are proven to help children acquire and retain knowledge

Family Engagement

Child practicing summer learning with flashcards
Studies and research have shown:

A positive impact on children’s attitudes and academic achievement has been found across gender, age, various ethnicities and cultures with family involvement.

Summer Bridge Activities provides:

A comprehensive skills matrix, activities that children and parents can do together, and suggestions for ways to support milestones along the way (e.g., star stickers, certificate of congratulations).

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Child working on Social Emotional Learning workbook page in Summer Bridge Activities workbook
Studies and research have shown:

Students’ achievement scores reflect as much as an 11-point percentile gain when implementing SEL instruction either as a standalone curriculum, or integrated with subject area instruction.

Summer Bridge Work Books provides:

A set of Character & Fitness activities that fosters students’ SEL development, reflection on emotion management and self-regulation, and perceptiveness of others’ characteristics using our Summer Bridge workbooks.

“Pre-Training” & Activating Prior Knowledge

Mother high fives daughter as she helps her work on Summer Bridge Activities workbook exercises
Studies and research have shown:

When learners of all ages are introduced to new information, activating prior knowledge and mastered skills are helpful in improving reading comprehension, math skills, and science concepts.

Summer Bridge Activities provides:

Students with opportunities to regularly engage with familiar and new content to maintain already acquired knowledge and process new summer learning material the following school year.

Spaced Practice

Students outside practicing daily learning exercises found in Summer Bridge Activities workbooks
Studies and research have shown:

When learning a new skill or concept, the most effective approach is to practice that skill repeatedly over time rather than in a concentrated burst. Summer Bridge backpacks have been shown to help avoid summer slide.

Summer Bridge Activities provides:

A spaced practice approach by providing daily learning exercises completed in about 15 minutes each day. This allows learners to engage with concepts, vocabulary, and skills in repeated, short intervals and to maximize retention and understanding in the long-term.

Hands-on Learning & Real-World Application

Child practicing hands-on learning exercise found in Summer Bridge Activities workbook
Studies and research have shown:

Hands-on activities teach or reinforce academic concepts and skills, boosts engagement and motivation, and allows for deeper comprehension and improved retention.

Summer Bridge Activities provides:

Students with learning activities that support relevant STEM and humanities learning objectives. “Bonus” and “Take It Outside” features are designed to encourage learners to take concepts and skills and directly apply to them to engaging, real-world scenarios.

Looking to engage families and support summer learning recovery?

Summer Bridge Activities is designed to do just that.

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