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ISANA Academies found the Summer Bridge Backpacks to be a perfect summer engagement tool. Backpacks were distributed amongst the student bodies at all ISANA campuses and students were given the opportunity to self-navigate the bag contents or log into grade level Zoom sessions and work collaboratively on bag contents. The workbooks were well-paced, easy to follow, and effective in bridging student learning from summer to fall.

— Karen Barnett, Principal   Bridgeton Public Schools

I purchased Summer Bridge Workbooks for students in my summer school class. They have been a very handy resource as a part of our summer Academy activities. There is a lot of different material covered in all subject areas.

— Julie L, Teacher

My daughter works on this each morning and she is being challenged, which is great considering the last year and a half weren’t there most normal in school due to the pandemic. It’s reinforcing what she knows and challenging her on the things that we’re missed. I really enjoy the answer key in the back where she can check her work. She’s missed a few but that encourages her to go back and see what she did wrong. I’m planning to use these workbooks every summer.

— Becky G, Parent

After distance learning I realized my kids were probably going to have more learning loss than usual. I purchased Summer Bridge for our son so we could review and be ready for 5th grade. It was also very helpful to help him strengthen weak skills and items he missed because of distance learning. The pages were broken up well and were just enough so I felt he had enough review and he didn’t feel like it was too much. I plan to purchase the next book to be ready for next summer.

— Jennifer S, Parent

This is the first time I have purchased this series and I have to say I am impressed! I love how it builds upon basic skills and continues to develop them over the days. It is also really great to have activities that families can do at home over the summer! The experiments are simple using materials easily found at home, but really interesting!

— William H, Teacher

I thought this was great for summer practice. It has a balance of activities for good practice without overwhelming. I bought this for the parents that want something for their children to do to help prevent summer slide. I liked it so much for 5th grade that I bought the K–1 version for my son.

— Shannon P, Teacher

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